‘VIP for LMP’: Trixie Fernandez wins as new LMP Iloilo president

Iloilo mayors pose after LMP election.

San Enrique Mayor Trixie Fernandez edged out Mayor Jett Rojas of Ajuy in a close one-on-one contest with 20-18 votes final tally to lead the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) Iloilo chapter for the current 2019-2022 term.

In her pre-election message Fernandez committed to a “vibrant, innovative and proactive (VIP)” leadership, and promised to “lead, move and perform (LMP)” if elected to the position.

Mayor Jett Rojas served as LMP Iloilo president in the 2016-2019 term. He would have pushed for the implementation of his pending advocacies like the sanitary landfill projects through consortia of towns in the 5 districts of Iloilo.

Immediately after her election Mayor Fernandez nominated and appointed the following mayors as other officers of LMP Iloilo for the current term:

Jett Rojas – vice president, Kalay Alonsabe – secretary, Leann Debuque – treasurer, Ansing Amboy – auditor, Manuel Ganzon – business manager, James Esmeralda – public relations officer, Suzette Alquisada – general legal counsel.

Appointed as directors were Carina Flores, Luigi Gorriceta, Mark Palabrica, Bong Tupas, John Tarrosa, Mac Napulan, Onal Golez and Jon Aying. (xxx)

PHOTO: Iloilo mayors pose after an exciting LMP election.

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