Tough Act for New Water Venture in Janiuay, Iloilo

Janiuay Water District GM Sharon Rose Brasileño during the launching of CSWater Iloilo.

Janiuay Water District General Manager Sharon Rose Brasileño at the Joint Venture launching with CSWater Iloilo.

A joint venture (JV) agreement was officially launched this week to revive the floundering Janiuay Water District (JWD) that services the potable water needs in the poblacion and nearby barangays of the municipality.

The 25-year JV enables a new entity CSWater Iloilo to invest money and manage the water delivery services of JWD for rehabilitation and upgrading of facilities.

Sharon Rose Brasileño, JWD General Manager told HilwayNews in an exclusive interview yesterday that CSWater would spend P190. 62 million for JWDs repair of pipelines, treatment plant and support utilities.

Management systems like water metering, billing and payment would also be improved.

JWD is saddled with aging infrastructure. Only 3 of 6 dugwells are operating 24/7 and some pipelines date back to 1988.

Non-revenue water is over 50%. This is confounded by a seasonal water source the Suage river which went through waterless spells particularly during the dry seasons.

Add to these woes the P25 million outstanding loan of JWD from the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA).

As consequence only 1,731 households remain active out of the 2,400 JWD water concessionaires, explained GM Brasileño.

Besides the systems upgrade Brasileño said the JV through CSWater Iloilo envisions to increase water supply from 2,000 cubic meters per day to 5,000 cm/d. Household areas are projected to reach some 24 barangays outside the poblacion as well.

CSWater Iloilo is a partnership of Citicore Power Corp. “a renewable energy company” and Summa Water Resources Inc., a bulk water supplier, said Kristyn Lazo, corporate communications officer at Citicore.

A memorandum of agreement between CSWater Iloilo and Janiuay Water District was signed on June 3, 2019 for the JV that took effect July 1, 2019. (HilwayNews)

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