P4-million for COVID-19 vaccinations in Dumangas

Dumangas Mayor Ronaldo 'Onal' Golez

P4 MILLION FOR COVID-19 VACCINATIONS in Dumangas, Iloilo: amount is initial allocation in the 2021 annual budget of the municipality, says Mayor ‘Onal’ Golez.

“The local government unit (LGU) also has enough contingent funds from its savings for the projected vaccination this year,” the mayor told HilwayNews earlier today.

He pointed out the need for flexibility on determining the amount of funding for vaccines by Dumangas LGU, considering that P72.5 billion has been budgeted by the national government for the same purpose.

There are also questions on how many of the local population would be willing to take on the vaccine, and what brand would be made available here, Mayor Golez said.

He explained that Dumangas has adequate vaccination facilities with the 3 existing rural health units (RHUs) in Barangay PD Monfort North, Barangay Cayos in the south and in the Dumangas poblacion.

The Ramon Duremdes Memorial District Hospital is also located in Dumangas, noted Mayor Onal Golez.

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