Expensive Esplanade Projects

Engr. Rodney Gustilo of Iloilo City District Engineering Office

A 1-kilometer, 2-lane concrete road project costs about P25 million to P30 million, per the DPWH estimates.

Whereas the 800 meters long (.8 KM) esplanade project from the junction of Forbes bridge going to the Jalandoni bridge costs about P100 million.

Expensive but not overpriced, according to District Engr. Rodney Gustilo of the Iloilo City District Engineering Office, Department of Public Works and Highways (ICDEO-DPWH).

Gustilo told HilwayNews today “there is no point of comparison between roads and esplanade projects” because these belong to different categories.

The Iloilo City esplanade or linear parks are categorized as river and flood control projects falling under the ‘MFO-2’ or major final output-2 category, Engr. Gustilo said.

“MFO-2 projects like the esplanade have revetment walls which consist of expensive items like foundation piles, compacted embankments and surface pavements, DE Gustilo explained.

Engr. Gustilo pointed out that the lighting system and railings are also part of the esplanade projects cost.

Road projects on the other hand are under the major final output-1 (MFO-1) category with major items usually consisting of a base course and concrete pavement, said Gustilo.

Among the 9 esplanade projects in Iloilo City, the most controversial phase is the 800 meters long section being implemented by Roprim Construction.

Early on, local media reports lingered for weeks about truckloads of toxic coal ash having been used as filling materials to the project.

Lately the project contractor’s daughter was recorded on a drone video driving a car on the esplanade, a linear park for pedestrians and not for vehicular use.*

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