Duron scores LTO for ‘illegal acts’

Iloilo City councilor Romel Duron (left) handing out boxes of face masks to Raymundo 'Boyet' Parcon, representing the drivers' associations in Iloilo City.

It is illegal to criminally penalize drivers with reckless driving offenses for non-wearing of face masks and shields.

Iloilo City councilor Romel Duron today said that enforcers could not as well use the anti-drunk driving law to penalize drivers for failure to comply with a circular from the Land Transportation Office.

“This is ignorance of law kag kon sigehon nila file-lan ta sila kaso,” Duron warned LTO enforcers.

Duron, a lawyer and chair of the city council Committee on transportation said he would call for a public hearing with LTO officials as resource persons to clarify issues on violation and penalty.

Councilor Lyndon Acap earlier filed a resolution at the Iloilo city council in session, calling for response to concerns raised by public utility drivers, Duron said.

Even the private vehicle drivers were not spared from similar apprehension by LTO enforcers, councilor Duron said.*

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