Wider use for robots seen

Peter Tay of Boracay Adventures Inc.

The use of multi-purpose robots will definitely be part of a “new normal” for the tourism industry even after COVID-19.

Peter Tay, director of the Tourism Congress of the Philippines recently told an online forum that Philippine tourism should keep in step with these developments.

“Robots are needed for vital roles as the tourism industry adjusts to social distancing and less contacts mode,” he said.

Speaking from Singapore, Peter Tay, who also manages the Boracay Adventures Inc. elaborated on the Localized Robots Application System (LORAS).

He explained that “the Contactless Temperature Scanner could identify a person with high fever in a group of 100 or 200 people.”

There is also the Telepresence Robot “which could function like a receptionist in a mall, hotel or restaurant.” And in the age of contact tracing the wearable Beacon Cards could come in handy, Tay said.

The Service Delivery Robot is as well essential for hotels who would encourage fewer human to human contacts.

“Whenever I could go back to Boracay I would present these ideas and products to Gov. Miraflores of Aklan and even to other destinations in the Philippines,” said Peter Tay.

For now the tourists remain cautious about travelling and Peter Tay said it would probably take a few more months for the industry to slowly move forward.*

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