Treñas rejects Cabaluna’s call for transport summit


“A WASTE OF TIME, WASTE OF PAPER, AND WASTE OF EFFORT,” says City mayor Jerry Treñas of the Cabaluna resolution.

The ongoing review of the local public transport route plan (LPTRP) in Iloilo City has bred a sidebar when councilor Sedfrey Cabaluna proposed in a resolution last week “urging Mayor Jerry Treñas” to call for a transport summit.

“Ining mga resolusyon ‘to urge me’ are not necessary because, you know the city council is just one floor below the city mayor’s office. It’s a waste of time, a waste of paper and a waste of effort on the part of the city council.

“Anyone can just come here. You don’t have to urge me so we can talk about it. Ang resolurions ‘urging me’ are not necessary because I’m available to anyone.

“Ang akon sabat kon ano para sa akon inang resolusyon: if the chairman of the committee concerned feels that there is a need for a summit, then he calls for a summit,” Treñas explained.

Cabaluna, a lawyer, former broadcaster and first term councilor chairs the Iloilo City Council committee on transportation.

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