Straight Talk about Iloilo City’s redistricting

Straight Talk Opinion Column by Jerry Taclino at Hilway News.

STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT ILOILO CITY’S REDISTRICTING: the effort continues for the third time in Congress with another bill by the incumbent Rep. Julienne Baronda.

This time the Senate might be able to muster a counterpart bill so that the previous attempts which were started by then Rep. Raul Gonzalez Jr. could finally materialize.

Still, the issue simmers. Is it a plus or minus, advantageous or burdensome?

Among local politicians, dividing Iloilo City into two districts definitely works for them. Here the old cliche applies – “the more, the merrier.”

Yet for the Ilongos at large redistricting cuts both ways. Another House representative means doubling the expense that is drawn from our taxes. And for what? Just so we could have “another voice?” As if we’re hearing any whimper from the incumbent.

But by all means let’s do it. After all, another seat means that Ilongos would have twice instead of just ‘a pound of flesh’ from the national government’s annual gravy.

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