Bing, Jerry differ on Covid response

Mayors Jerry Trenas and Bing Leonardia

Mayor Evelio ‘Bing’ Leonardia has appealed for “de-escalation” of the GCQ protocols in Bacolod City this December.

Leonardia earlier asked the national Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) to downgrade Bacolod under a less restrictive modified general community quarantine (MGCQ).

Across the strait Mayor Jerry Treñas is bracing for a stricter general community quarantine (GCQ) in Iloilo City, in anticipation of heightened social gatherings during the holidays.

Treñas is further dangling P50,000 reward for each barangay to remain COVID-19 free in December.

Leonardia, currently president of the League of Cities in the Philippines (LCP) on the other hand is sending P3 million assistance to typhoon-hit cities in Luzon.

Treñas drumbeaters meanwhile style Iloilo City as “Wakanda” a dream city of fiction, which the mayor invariably cites with fondness in some doubtful promo plugs.

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