Paradigm shift for Dumangas HBO

The “new normal” has prompted a new response of helping target constituents by the HBO of Dumangas Inc.

For years the Hope Builders Organization (HBO) of Dumangas has been providing particularly during the year-end holidays, food and gift packs to many families of the town’s poorest population as shown in the picture below, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year the Dumangas HBO has “so far given assistance consisting of one (1) gallon of ethyl alcohol 70% solution, and one (1) box containing 50 pieces 3-ply with earloop face masks to each of the eleven (11) barangays and the PNP Station in Dumangas for their office use,” according to Atty. Pablo “Bebot” Nava III, President of Dumangas HBO.*

Hope Builders Organization (HBO) of Dumangas
Hope Builders Organization (HBO) of Dumangas

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