Mango-Eat-All-You-Can highlights Guimaras’ 31st year as Province

Manggahan festival 2023


As main fare to the culminating activities of Manggahan festival the challenge is on for “mango-eat-all-you-can” with 30-minute duration, priced at P150 for each participant.

Alvin Nava, provincial agriculturist has announced 10 tons reserved stock of sweet, fully ripened mangoes for the 4-day occasion.

Days earlier Guimaras governor Joaquin Carlos Rahman Nava announced over local radio interviews, the 24-day celebration that kicked off April 29 would replicate or even better the pre-pandemic festivals.
These include sports events, folk dances by locals and pop musicals by live bands, culture and history on stage, even a dog show. Check out the “devil of details” at Guimaras fb.

Guimaras became a full-fledged province when Ilongos and Guimarasnons alike voted in favor of provincehood by ratifying in a referendum the transitory provisions of the 199I Local Government Code (LGC) which became effective in 1992.

Such provisions called for the conversion of the existing sub-provinces Biliran and Guimaras into full-fledged provinces.

The late Dr. Catalino Nava, former governor and former congressman was the most prominent advocate of provincehood not only in Guimaras but in mainland Iloilo as well. (H)

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