Garin: Compensate P10k each person with COVID-19 while under quarantine

Rep. Janette Garin

REP. JANETTE GARIN: COMPENSATE P10,000 each person found positive of COVID-19 while under quarantine isolation, the reported today.

Iloilo 1st District Rep. Janette Garin the House senior deputy minority leader is proposing that the government subsidize from P10,000 to P20,000 those found to be positive of COVID-19.

“The intention is to make testing free and the people who are being swabbed will be compensated by the number of days that they are not working,” the report quoted Garin during plenary interpellation of the Bayanihan 3 bill.

Marikina Rep. Stella Quimbo, a key proponent of the measure supported Garin’s proposal. Bayanihan 3 is a P405.6 Billion funding program providing P2,000 cash aid to Filipinos regardless of social status.

The report further said Bayanihan 3 “seeks to provide wage subsidies, housing relief, medical assistance and education support, among others.”

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