3rd Antique Binirayan ‘Sikad Lagaw’

Binirayan Sikad Lagaw in Antique

The 3rd category of ‘Sikad Lagaw’ Binirayan Bike Fest reels off tomorrow, December 5 in San Jose, Antique.

So far Sikad Lagaw is only one of the two promoted activities in the pandemic era Binirayan Festival 2020. The other event is ‘Kapitolyo Market’ at the EBJ Freedom Park.

Sikad Lagaw is being held in 4 stages and categories. It kicked off activities on November 7 with mixed participants. The 2nd event on Nov. 21 were limited to bikers 40 years and younger.

The culminating activities of Sikad Lagaw would be on Dec. 19 with participants from non-government organizations (NGOs) and employees from the national, provincial and local governments.

Gov. Rhodora Cadiao of Antique is inviting visitors to Antique Binirayan Festival this December. The usual protocols are still to be observed, she noted.

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